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Diabetic Foot Care & Heel Pain Treatment in Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Laurel Podiatry provides diabetic foot care and heel pain treatment in the Greensburg, Pennsylvania, area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our podiatric surgeon.

Diabetic Foot Care
Foot problems are a big risk in diabetics, as those with this condition must constantly monitor their feet or face severe consequences, including amputation. We provide diabetic foot screens, diabetic shoes, and inserts.

In the foot of someone who has diabetes, a wound as small as a blister from wearing a shoe that's too tight can cause a lot of damage. Diabetes decreases blood flow, so injuries are slow to heal.

Diabetic, Heel Pain Treatment in Greensburg, PA

When your wound is not healing, it's at risk for infection. As a diabetic, your infections spread quickly. If you have diabetes, you should inspect your feet every day. Look for puncture wounds, bruises, pressure areas, redness, warmth, blisters, ulcers, scratches, cuts, and nail problems. Get someone to help you, or use a mirror.

Heel Pain Treatment
Plantar fasciitis is the term commonly used to refer to heel and arch pain traced to an inflammation on the bottom of the foot. More specifically, plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the connective tissue called plantar fascia that stretches from the base of the toes, across the arch of the foot, to the point at which it inserts into the heel bone.

Cause of Plantar Fasciitis
Overpronation is the most common cause of plantar fasciitis. As the foot rolls inward excessively when walking, it flattens the foot, lengthens the arch, and puts added tension on the plantar fascia. Over time, this causes inflammation.

Also known as heel spur syndrome, the condition is often successfully treated with conservative measures, such as the use of anti-inflammatory medications, ice packs, stretching exercises, orthotic devices, and physical therapy.

Neuromas are an impingement and inflammation of a nerve between the metatarsal bones of the foot. Conditions can lead to burning, numbness of the toes, and the sensation of the sock being rolled within the shoe. We offer successful, conservative care without the need of surgery.

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